How it works

We have designed the Succession Online program to be as easy to use as possible. After signing up you can be working towards your succession plan within minutes.

Step 1

This program was designed to prepare farming families for succession planning. Our experience shows that most people don’t really know what succession planning is or how to do it. This creates a level of fear and avoidance. So, this is a non-confrontational way for you and your family to begin the journey. You all will be educated in each area pertaining to succession planning. This program caters to all levels of education and can be completed at your own pace in your own time and in your own home. Sign up today for a one-off fee of $770. This program enables up to 8 family members to work through this program together.

Step 2

Get Started! You will be listening to videos, answering questions and making notes while you relate this to your own situation. The topics that you will be covering include, what succession planning is, family communication strategies, individual goals and working out the purpose of your business. In addition, you will learn how to understand your business figures and farm finance needs along with understanding your family dynamics and intergenerational differences. It is interesting and important to know how these differences effect succession planning. You can revisit this as many times as you like within 16 weeks from signing up.

Step 3

Now that you have completed the first 6 modules. You can either contact Proagtive for more information and to express your interest in embarking upon the next 6 modules which cover the following topics (retirement planning, understanding and formalising your business roles and responsibilities, business structure, estate planning and risk management). If you wish to engage in a more formal succession planning process with Proagtive which is tailored to your individual family needs, please contact us.