Have you thought about the long term future for you, your family and your farm?

The final measure of your success and your lasting legacy; is not how well you have run your business; but, how you manage the transition to the next generation.

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What is succession planning?
Succession is often viewed as 'who gets what when'. This is but one small part of the succession process. Another important aspect of succession planning is transition of management. This is, 'who does what when'.
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Why is it necessary?
Nothing undermines the family farm’s viability like a dispute over succession. With around 40 per cent of Australian farmers over the age of 55, experts say it’s an issue that can no longer be put into the too-hard basket.
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How can Succession Online help?
It provides a private and informal way to approach succession planning in a timeframe that suits you. It will help you understand the subject, bring clarity and lead you toward what needs to be done in moving forward.
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    Log on and off as you need to. Save your progress at each step, and pick up where you left off next time.
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    Videos, private notes, and additional family members. These are just some of the other features included.